In Valuing DifferencesSteve & Lorraine bring understanding to the hidden gifts resident in differences. Using the DISC personality assessment as a tool for discovery, each couple - dating, engaged, or married will work through an activation of pinpointing their top needs, and then individually, together with Holy Spirit, will identify the gifts in each other they have access to in those needs being met. The workshop will include communicating and reconciling damaged areas of the relationship as a result of not understanding or valuing these differences. With vulnerability and transparency Steve and Lorraine will share their personal journey of learning themselves while honoring and embracing the gift of differences in each other.

Valuing Differences incorporates communication tools, modeling, interactive learning, and activation. You’ll leave understanding yourself and significant other more deeply than when you came, your heart and mind empowered and motivated to more intentionally cultivate a culture of honor in your relationship.

What We’ll Cover

  • Valuing Gives Us Access
  • 5 Keys In Valuing And Honoring Differences
  • Male And Female Differences you really need to know about!
  • Unpacking And Understanding DISC
  • Activation - My Top 3 Needs, Your Hidden Gifts, Valuing The Gift In You


The core of this workshop is easily adapted and useful
for leadership teams...


"I LOVED learning about ourselves from DISC. I've taken the assessment before, but because of the instructions you gave (think of yourself in your home/natural environment), I got results that actually felt like me.
Going over our DISC results together, then identifying our biggest needs in response to our personality style, followed by discovering how our partners' needs are actually a gift --- WOW.  I felt the shift in our relationship IMMEDIATELY as we both had eye opening moments about each other and suddenly had a greater understanding and appreciation for each other."

Wife, married 18 months