Marriage Retreats

Peter & Kristin Eilers |  Kirkland, WA     (written by Peter)
After the Saturday session, Kristin & I were able to go home and spend the afternoon together. We had an incredible time soaking and praying together, and then that prompted some deep & honest conversations about issues which had occurred and had been unresolved... That night, as I was going to sleep, I felt the presence of God in a way I hadn't for a long time - specifically a huge sense of vast and powerful peace, something I hadn't felt in a very long time. In the short time you had at the weekend retreat, you have released a number of keys, and really encouraged and activated us in areas, and I am very excited about this next season of our relationship!

Frank & Audrey Berlovan  |  Warman, Saskatchewan
During Supernatural Love and Covenant we learned the importance of heart to heart communication, not only through the teaching but through several activations. During an additional ministry time with Steve and Lorraine, we were able to get to true repentance and forgiveness in several areas of our marriage. We love their open hearts and desire for couples, in partnership with Holy Spirit, to have powerful marriages .

Marriage &
Relationship Coaching

Geovany & Charity Osorio|   Cuenca, Ecuador
The Boxes create such a safe place for couples, always leaving both spouses feeling heard, understood, and encouraged in how they can go further in their marriage. They have an amazing ability to get to the heart of an issue, and their international exposure has given them an incredible capacity to see past cultural differences, traditional norms, and personality tendencies, in order to unbiasedly coach couples in how to strengthen their marriages. We are so grateful for the council and tools they have given us!  

Aaron & Jamie Swart|  Southern California (www.MellowMondays.com)
From the first evening that we met with Steve and Loraine they helped us see how real our problems were, but that nothing we were going through was beyond repair if we were committed to work on it. Each session they started out by asking Holy Spirit to come and pinpoint the areas of our heart that He wanted to help us walk through that night. They would tell us to be honest and talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. We were both blown away at how much was in our hearts that God wanted to so gently touch, heal, and bring restoration to. Steve and Lorraine helped facilitate a safe and extremely productive environment for us to be vulnerable with them and watch the Holy Spirit transform our hearts. They facilitated inner healing for Aaron and I, which was life changing. Without that the same hurts and lies we believed would still be ruling our lives today.

One of the most special things that they did was how they helped facilitate what they call a “Heart to Heart” where Aaron could hear for the first time where I was coming from and vice versa. There was no yelling or thinking about the response we were going to make. We could hear for the first time the heart behind words being spoken. It was amazing. They gave us practical tools on how to “Do God” together. Every couple needs to experience what Steve and Lorraine bring to relationships and marriages.


Chuck & Anna Mayer|  San Antonio, Texas (Associate Pastor, Kingdom Life San Antonio)
Steve and Lorraine counsel with compassion, the prophetic, and practical tools.  They created a safe atmosphere for us to process and talk through the important things before we said, "I do." We are so grateful for their investment in us and our marriage through their pre-marital counseling.