Supernatural Love and Covenant (SLC) designed for married and “about to be married” couples is a life-changing workshop style event. Planned as a weekend retreat or workshop/conference event. SLC includes teaching, activation, modeling, and live couple coaching. One of the highlights during SLC is the Doing God Together sessions that give each couple an experience of encountering God as a couple that opens up a new road-map for developing spiritual oneness.


Returning To Presence
The Four Building Blocks of Relationship
Living In Connection
Valuing and Honoring Differences
Making Room for Communication
The Power of Reconciliation


"...Understanding the importance and possibilities of genuine connection and intimacy and the common barriers to connection. A very fresh new deep roots picture of God's design for relationships." Husband, married 51 years

"Heart-to-Heart and the RAC have seriously changed our relationship in the one week since the retreat. We shift gears as soon as we realize we are missing each other -- it's incredible."
Wife, married 18 months

"The atmosphere of freedom in the Spirit and vulnerability you provided by sharing your own struggles enabled our long-standing deep conflict stronghold to come to the surface..."
Couple, married over 35 years

"The RAC (live coaching) experience was life-changing. I feel that we have been equipped to take our marriage relationship to the next level. I believe this will have a profound effect on our children and grandchildren in the years to come. For someone who felt that he already had a pretty good awareness of himself, I saw that there was much more underneath the surface that I was not aware of. Not just hearing it but experiencing it through the RAC taught me that it is ok to desire my needs being met."  Husband, married 42 years



16 Weeks - Working and Walking It Out: Alone, Together, and in a Small Group is a 16-week follow up to the workshop retreat. Couples are taking what they are learning and experiencing at an SLC workshop, and alone, together, and with other couples returning to presence and living pro-actively connected. Growing in the four virtures (building blocks) of a healthy marriage, transformation is taking place one Heart to Heart at a time.