Ed & Clare Evans    Salisbury Vineyard  |  Salisbury, England
Steve and Lorraine came alongside us at a key moment and added their strength to ours. They encouraged us, believed in us, and helped us lead confidently. Their interest in us was genuine and personal. We truly believe that God connected us with them for a reason. Since that initial input Steve and Lorraine have coached us and sown into our church. Our leaders and congregation loved them and we are richer from their investment in us. We thank God for bringing them into our lives as gifts, wisdom, and catalysts.

Tom & Jennifer Paton    Elim Christian Fellowship  |  Paisley, Scotland
Steve & Lorraine are real, genuine people who love Jesus with a passion. They live to encourage others towards their Heavenly Dad and to expect more from Him. Steve and Lorraine are so Heavenly minded that they are of great earthly use, with their feet firmly on the ground! They have had an impact on our own lives and the life of our church. We look forward to having them back in Paisley soon.

Kendall & Barbara Shram   Awakening Church  |  Warman, Saskatchewan
We first met Steve and Lorraine through a divine appointment in Redding – and immediately experienced laughter, friendship, and a meaningful connection. Supernatural Love and Covenant far exceeded our expectations; many couples received immediate breakthrough and the culture amongst our married couples has not only shifted but our whole community has been impacted! They didn’t arrange dry principles and precepts into a self-help recipe – they were truly present with us and brought real vulnerability about their own journey in marriage. They fell in love with our people, ministered with immense joy and warmth, and spoke to depths beyond the scope of just one weekend. We celebrate them as a gift to the worldwide Body of Christ!

Ministry Schools

Jason & Viviana Eastwood     Verbo School of Ministry  |  Cuenca, Ecuador
Vibrant, passionate, and full of Kingdom-knowledge, Steve and Lorraine Box are positively impacting lives throughout Ecuador! Their practical communication tools bring unquestionable healing and reconciliation as they radically love the people around them. Our school of ministry has been absolutely blessed to host the Boxes and we continually look to their guidance and influence in our lives.

Peter & Hilde Tkaczyk     Veien Bibelskole Bergen  |  Norway
It has been such an incredible experience to be influenced by Steve and Lorraine and what they bring - both in our ministry school and in a three day marriage retreat here in Bergen; their message is concrete, interactive, applicable, and encouraging! What they teach and how they teach, in a fashion that feeds off each other, reveals that they live what they are sharing. We are so happy to see the art of communicating heart to heart, without throwing out your brains. Their message and tools can be applied to young, not so young, singles, couples, well, actually, everyone. We now talk to each other - with each other, and not at each other. They release and impart a lifestyle that has affected not only us, but our family, and those we are working and ministering alongside.