We have developed and made available the following resources for you personally, to use in your marriage and family, leadership team, church, small group, or ministry school. For more information, please contact us.

Date Inspirations & Practicing Presence      Download Here

Over 30 inspirations and loose blueprints for creating an evening, a day, a morning, or afternoon cultivating connection, nurturing and practicing presence. Most of them would cost you nothing, except maybe some food and a bit of time in preparation. Some with a spiritual, Doing God Together component; a few that include conversation starters, but all hold the potential of practicing presence... Being with one another.

 Moving Into A New Year (replacing A Year In Review)      Download Here

In this six page document are over 100 thought provoking questions for you to use, personally, in your marriage, family, your leadership team, or with your small group. Covering six strategic areas of life and ministry, this powerful tool will provide you with adequate content for personal reflection of last year and projection of this new year. Great for leadership retreats, team building, creating more vulnerable connection & presence with your family, teams, and small groups.