Doing God Together

One of the greatest challenges for most married couples is finding a rhythm in discovering and advancing their Spiritual Oneness. Confusion about who should lead, along with the pressure men often feel to perform - combine that with a deep desire in the wife for her husband to initiate and you have a perfectly awkward and often disappointing pattern that leaves couples believing “we’ll never be able to really connect spiritually.”

Doing God Together™ has been designed as an encounter weekend to help reframe and strengthen each couples’ current spiritual experience. The weekend carefully provides a type of blueprint that facilitates a variety of experiences to capture the joy, synergy, and delight of encountering God as a couple.

The weekend consists of worship, teaching, modeling, activation, small group interaction, and a corporate time of sharing testimonies. Ideal for a Friday evening, and Saturday till 5pm.

These encounters are not meant to be an end in themselves, but an experience that opens the door of desire and success leading to a lifestyle of Doing God Together.

Capture a fresh vision for praying together, hosting His presence, and discovering the pleasure and power found in Spiritual Oneness.
We’ve never been successful at praying together, but THIS I can do!
— one happy husband! (Bonney Lake, Washington)