Re-Ignite Your Marriage is a five-day re-igniting intensive for your marriage… personal, dynamic, and relational, one on one, as a couple with Steve and Lorraine in their home in Redding, California. Whether you need a tune-up, are in crisis, or need help re-calibrating in a new season of life and marriage Re-Ignite could meet your need.

On day one, we get to know you and you get to know us, followed by three days of ministry and coaching personally and for your marriage; day five, create an action plan & debrief what you have received and how that translates into a lifestyle of joy-filled marriage.

Meals and lodging are provided which allows for your total focus to be on one another and what God has for you during Re-Ignite.

Re-Ignite Your Marriage incorporates a powerful organic combination of coaching, counseling, inner healing - as well as modeling and equipping you with specific communication tools and resources for connection and developing presence in your marriage.

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Understanding is central to what empowers two very different people, with very different ideas, needs and beliefs, to find the resting place of strength and connection in their relationship.