Communication, Connection, & Presence is a hands-on workshop designed to inform and ignite you toward healthy, life-giving relationships. An interactive workshop that includes activation of several powerful but easy to use communication tools. Usually held on a Friday evening and all day Saturday. Practical, interactive, empowering, and life changing!

What CCP Covers

  • How to access the power that’s available in relational connections
  • Learning to identify and repair dis-connection
  • Nuts and bolts of life-giving communication
  • Tools for both connecting heart to heart and navigating confrontation in a culture of honor
  • We will explore the power of and unpack tools for resolution and reconciliation

What workshop delegates received and have to say...

"I have been a part of leadership meetings collaborating with other staff to set vision for the future and make ministry decisions. Some of these meeting have been quite stressful. I want you to know that the RAC has been very helpful. I have been able to defuse some potentially explosive situations using it.”

"Understanding the importance and possibilities of genuine connection and intimacy and the common barriers to connection. A very fresh new deep roots picture of God's design for relationships."

"The crucial importance of valuing my feelings and doing my own heart work on my feelings, reactions, and responses. Learning to choose, rather than feeling trapped as a victim. Seeing the importance of communicating well... Life Changing!"

"The concept of how to be aware of connection in relationship was so transformational. I don’t think I have ever been taught how to do connection before this workshop. Another crucial thing we learned was communication tools for reconciliation and listening to understand in a Kingdom way. I highly recommend that everyone take this course, especially my fellow BSSM students who desire to leave the Bethel environment and have successful relationships."