Not Tonight... I'm Going Low!

Last evening I attended a woman’s small group I’m part of - the purpose… encountering more of Holy Spirit and practice engaging our spirits with His. It’s always fresh, new, and pretty exciting! Because of the demographic of the group (BSSM students, alumni, leaders here in our church community, and even some traveling from two hours away!) and the nature of our lifestyles here at Bethel it’s rather uncertain and unpredictable who will actually be present. So every meeting is filled with a surprise of who will be there, lots of joy and laughter, and God-encounters waiting to happen. As an High I (in my DISC personality profile) the unpredictability and adventure awaiting me in each gathering is right up my alley.

Last night was no exception!

After mingling a while at the kitchen counter around several open bars of smooth, creamy, rich chocolate from Europe (of course!) we proceeded into the family room to find a place to sit and share stimulating testimonies, and get down to the business of talking woo-woo stuff and encountering God. MaryAnn and I have an on-going banter about a chair that is close to a twin chair that Wendy always sits in. Somehow in the early days, I often sat in the chair, and during months of being gone with ministry travel, MaryAnn began sitting in the chair. When I’m home and show up, MaryAnn always offers me to sit in the chair.

When I arrived at the gathering place, I put my purse on the black leather couch with a plan to sit there during our time together. When we migrated from the kitchen to the sitting room - MaryAnn was quick to offer “the chair” and without thought, my response came quickly… “Not tonight, I’m going low.” We all laughed as I sank down into the super comfy corner of that black couch and I had this immediate thought…

Even when we’ve been offered a “special seat” - perhaps of honor, it’s okay to “go low” - something amazing and exciting is in store for us.

Three thoughts to ponder about Going Low

•    When you’re low, there’s only one direction to go - up!
Being on the bottom rung of a ladder positions you to exercise what's in you in order to access what is latent (untapped, unused, undiscovered, hidden, concealed, underlying, invisible, unseen, undeveloped, unrealized, unfulfilled, potential). This keeps us trusting, risking, and courageous.  It keeps us thinking, imagining, and dreaming. It keeps us choosing, believing, and moving. It keeps us looking, beholding, and growing. The Kingdom is always about increase. Going Low, doesn’t necessarily mean being hidden, or imply inactivity, or passivity in any way. It does illustrate strength under control and it positions us for increase. Psalms 37:11 But the humble of heart will inherit every promise and enjoy peace…(TPT).

•    A change of perspective allows you to see what is otherwise invisible
There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out if it’s safe to pass that slowly moving semi - sometimes we’re so close to what is directly in front of us, that it is completely blocking and impossible to see what is actually ahead of us. Simply slowing down, giving space between yourself and that semi (Going Low) gives you an entirely different perspective and situates you to see what was otherwise hidden and out of sight. Hebrews 11:3  By faith we understand that time was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was made from things that are invisible. Going Low requires you to apply faith to what you can’t see in order to re-position yourself for what would be made visible.

•    Choosing a position of vulnerability is accepting His invitation to intimacy
There’s nothing more scary or maybe exhilarating than a position of absolute vulnerability. Several years ago we exchanged a ministry position that provided financial security, certainty of day to day life, and great ministry fulfillment and potential for complete uncertainty, no guarantee of financial provision, and undetermined focus or vision. I likened it to the biggest roller coaster of all time and we were seated in the front carriage! Scary or exhilarating? Going Low is both scary and exhilarating; this unguarded position of vulnerability allowed us to access and discover things in our hearts that we didn’t know were there, and may have never known were there outside of this invitation God presented to us. Things both beautiful and ugly. Holy Spirit invited us into His chamber of encounter and intimacy - to both know and be known. In Going Low you are accepting an invitation to Divine encounter that is both scary and exhilarating but one that will take you to a deep place of delightful discovery if you accept His invitation. Song of Solomon 1:5 I am weathered but still elegant, oh, dear sisters in Jerusalem, Weather--darkened like Kedar desert tents, time-softened like Solomon's Temple hangings. The Message

A few questions for you to ponder

 - In what attitude or area of your life or relationships is God extending to you an opportunity to Go Low?

- As you Go Low, what grace (power, Divine enablement) is He making available to you?

- Who does the Father want to be for you in this unguarded, vulnerable position?