Steve & Lorraine Box

Steve and Lorraine carry a passion to equip, inspire, and ignite people toward catalytic relationships that bring transformation in individuals, leaders, businesses, churches, and communities. Together they integrate prophetic insight, Kingdom wisdom and counsel, with a unique gift of hope and love.

As international speakers, authors, and relationship specialists, Steve and Lorraine bring not only a message, but an impartation for healthy, life-giving relationships. Whether in a conference, workshop, marriage retreat, counseling, or in a leadership team setting, their hands-on practical relationship message & tools create vision, hope, and hunger for healing and change.

Steve and Lorraine have served in various forms of church leadership for over 30 years, pastoring and equipping leaders both nationally and internationally. Together, they have a unique synergy that helps individuals, teams, and marriages discover their identity and potential in a way that leads to breakthrough with sustained growth.

They are most excited about insights Holy Spirit has given them regarding realms of Connection, Communication & Presence. Residing in Redding, California, Steve & Lorraine are part of Bethel Church and facilitate relationship, communication, marriage, and premarital coaching and workshops. As facilitators of Leaders' Intensives, Steve and Lorraine also partner with leaders around the world bringing hope, healing, and renewal.

Married for over 38 years, they have two sons and six outrageously adorable grandchildren.

Steve and Lorraine have a great style of integrating prophetic insight, Kindgom wisdom and counsel, with a unique gift of hope and love. Their team-style ministry is seamless.